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Company was created in 2010 with a mission to implement the new concept of residential construction. Life of a modern family is a source of our inspiration and ideas in the SMART development process. Based on a thorough and comprehensive analysis we design solutions able to meet market demands that are yet to come.The very first results of our innovative strategy demonstrated a principally different philosophy of city’s residential construction and a brand new approach towards the needs of our consumer. Our projects implemented in 2012–2013 were highly praised by industry experts and set a new standard for residential real estate development.

LEGENDA Intelligent Development is not one of those companies that tried to adjust to post-Soviet construction market realia, our company was established in the context of a new civilised and bilaterally regulated post-crisis market. This is why we never promise our customers something that they can expect a priori, namely high quality property, compliance with all applicable standards and regulations, on-time execution. 

Vasily Selivanov

Our values

  • Thinking Outside of the Blocks

    Thinking Outside of the Blocks

    We create solutions that meet market's demands that are yet to come.

  • Style and Character

    Style and Character

    Just like you, we look for better life environment, that's why we create progressive housing and value high quality architecture.

  • Focus on Customers

    Focus on Customers

    We draw inspiration and ideas from the lifestyle of a modern family.

  • Reliability and Integrity

    Reliability and Integrity

    We work to be your reliable partner and deliver the best for you.

  • Branding


    That's how we communicate our business principles and values

Expert Community

Just 6 months after the company introduced its SMART concept to the market, Vasily Selivanov, LEGENDA's CEO, won Development nomination in Expert of the Year Award (founded by Expert North West magazine). In 2014 LEGENDA won the prestigious real estate KAISSA award in Innovative Technologies nomination (organized by the Association of Realtors of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region).

Banking Community

Our projects received a highly positive evaluation from financial experts and were very soon recognised as modern housing of a European level setting a new benchmark for Russian residential construction. 'We believe that given the attractive mortgage offering demand on SMART apartments will be quite high,' Marina Gorilovskaya, Head of Retail at Saint Petersburg Bank, said.

Customer Rating

LEGENDA's projects often received recognition from REAL ESTATE EXPO sponsors and partners for its remarkable and captivating presentation. However, it's the high customer approval rating that the company values the most: according to Infowave research held at REAL ESTATE EXPO in March 2013, LEGENDA's presentation received more votes from the event's visitors than any other participant.

Communication Champion

The company is in constant dialogue with its existing and potential customers. We care about our social media presence. We have groups in social networks dedicated to our business philosophy, it's a place where we communicate with our customers, share news, answer questions, and help neighbours connect. Also, you can find our Legendaily blog on the corporate website where we post all things and news that inspire us.

Getting smart

Our marketing lab experts analyzed the most popular planning solutions from all over the world. Then we built our own matrix of Russian households and classified them by family size and lifestyle. In order to evaluate planning solutions from a customers' perspective, we identified requirements of each customer group towards property's functionality. Based on these theoretical considerations we elaborated the best layouts* and design solutions for every type of households.

We say SMART when we want to emphasize that we always listen to our customers and we care about them, we look for fresh ideas and pursue a principally different approach to residential development.



Legenda ProjectStatusLiving spaceNon‐residential floor space:
5, Pobedy StreetFully commissioned in 20147 000 m23 000 m2
34, Optikov StreetFully commissioned in 201531 000 m25 000 m2
24, Yachtennaya StreetFully commissioned in 201631 000 m25 000 m2
LEGENDA Dalnevostochnogo
Fully commissioned in 201875 000 m25 000 m2
LEGENDA Komendantskogo 
Fully commissioned in 202081 800 m213 500 m2
LEGENDA GeroevTo be put in operation in 4Q 2020 and in 4Q 202133 000 m23 000 m2
16, Institutskiy avenueTo be put in operation in 4Q 202114 480 m21 500 m2
65, Moskovskiy avenueTo be put in operation in 2Q 202236 378 m227 863 m2
68, Malookhtinsky avenueTo be put in operation in 4Q 202461 811 m29 186 m2


Commercial premises offered by LEGENDA do stand out in the current real estate market of Saint Petersburg. Our clients are in the heart of our design and planning solutions, this is true for commercial premises as well. Our commercial premises are designed with attention to needs and requirements that businesses and entrepreneurs can't satisfy in today's market of non-residential premises in newly built houses. All premises offered by LEGENDA are of regular shape, have large windows, modern technological facilities and specially designed areas for signs and boards.

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